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Tony Salom

Tony founded OMG Events in 2002 and is the company’s Event & Production Director. For decades, he has worked in music, events and production across Australia. There is very little he doesn’t know about the industry and if the size of a record collection is any indication of person’s deep expertise in music, it’s important to note Tony’s now needs to be housed in the warehouse!

He also has a background in hotel management and has taught hospitality, which is why his pet hate is bad service. OMG is not simply a business name, it’s an accolade for which Tony works tirelessly to hear.

For Tony, production isn’t connecting cables, building sets and flicking switches – it’s artistry. He likes to explore the link between technology and humanity, the logistics behind the beauty. Tony paints with light, carves out spaces with staging and styling, and evokes heartfelt emotions with sound. It’s intangible. It’s like being able to taste fireworks or feel a room. It’s electric. It’s what he does.  

Favourite overseas city to party in? Dubrovnik What’s your happy song?  Friday I’m In Love by The Cure  Candle light or strobe light?  Intelligent lighting. Guilty work pleasure? I may have an Alibaba addiction. Will we find you in the kitchen at parties? No way, I’ll be sneaking behind the decks or out on the dance floor.

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Emily Salom

Creative Director, Emily, turned her back on the corporate world to embrace the champagne world. And it was design that made her do it – goodbye chartered accountancy and hello creativity. Experience-making and events are a natural fit for her effortless style and emotional warmth.

Whilst still nifty with a set of spreadsheets, Em’s interior decorating legs also get a good run at OMG (which warrants the upkeep of an extensive collection of great shoes, of course). For Emily; joy comes in the form of monochromatic textures, all things concrete, her beautiful family and dog George, and a perfect pair of Gianvito Rossi heels.

She loves how the elements of a great event come together to be bigger than the lighting or the music or the styling or the flowers or the bubbly alone. How a space can transform into a shared sensory experience that’ll be remembered forevermore.

Which song sets the mood for a celebration?  Definitely Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’. Can you describe your dancing shoes?  I can hardly walk in some of my favourite pairs, let alone dance. The cake table or a cheese board?  Cheese… all cheese. How do you know when the party’s over?  Oh, I’m still working on that!

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Courtney Hoskins

The magic number of hours it takes to gain true expertise is said to be 10,000 and it’s possible Courtney spent every one of them studying blockbuster wedding movies. Thankfully, she supplemented Bride Wars and My Best Friend’s Wedding with chocolate and a Commerce degree – ensuring Court is equal parts starry-eyed romantic and analytical problem-solver.

Court is OMG’s Event & Marketing Manager and will work with you to apply your vision to the event, simultaneously suggesting ways to amp it up to eleven, whilst sticking to the budget set. She is an absolute wizard with a to do list, loves her ducks to be in a row, thrives under pressure, and the very best reward Court could receive is to be told she ‘exceeds expectations’.

Courtney’s favourite event?  My own wedding, to the guy of my dreams. The cake table or a cheese board?  Cake table. I have a serious sweet tooth. Signature cocktail?  Aperol Spritz by day, Espresso Martini by night. Candle light or strobe light?  Candlelight, I am a hopeless romantic after all. Favourite overseas city to party in?  New York

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Katie Platt

People. Planning. These two things are paramount for Katie. Thankfully, in her role as Event Co-ordinator at OMG, she is able to expertly smoosh* them together in a delightful symbiosis with a third and equally important ‘P’ – parties. (*Official terminology, of course.)

Katie’s Bachelor of Media & Communications with majors in both Film Production & Marketing, together with her background work in the world of philanthropy and charity, means she is across all things visual and organisational. With a hefty dose of human-ness at the heart. Always.

Katie’s favourite event? A weekend in the UK celebrating my grandma’s 100th birthday. What is guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Anything ABBA. Any party game recollections? Dog’s Dinner. It involves a knife, a fork and chocolate. Memories! The cake table or a cheese board?  Cake. Preferably chocolate. Is this a theme?