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What OMG Do

OMG Events are

We help you find that thing that means everything to you – and wrap your event around it – because frivolity is a very serious business!

We’re all about lovers making perfect pledges. The young at heart toasting age milestones such as 18, 21, and big ones ending in oh-s.

The companies who are proud as heck about the year gone by, or keen to launch something new and daring.

The players,
the adventurers,
sentimental celebrators.
We salute you all!

Why is it that we choose to work in a world of weddings, parties and events?

Well. As Roald Dahl wrote, “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest of men.”

Our unique expertise is in combining multi-sensory creativity and fierce co-ordination skills, with an unsurpassed level of personalised service. We add design to die for, premium production services and the curation of quality collaborators – all integrated into one clear vision.

At OMG, service is king.

We help with every step between “Why don’t we…?” and “Woah, that was amazing!”.

We believe that merrymaking is the lightness to our darkness, sweet relief from the daily grind, a holiday from our responsibilities, a remedy for weariness and an antiserum to the malaise. It is an opportunity to open up and share, to find fellowship in times of loneliness and to show generosity should we ever get too caught up in ourselves.

It is through our shared experiences that we forge belonging in this increasingly divisive world.

Tailoring designful events,
with a little make-believe
and a lot of make-belong.