Surprise fireworks to seal the deal.

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photography Courtney Illfield




Caitlin and Garrett celebrated their wedding reception under the stars on the family’s private polo estate near Perth. Their vision was classic and understated – with a thousand candles!

Guests enjoyed sunset canapés and champagne at the homestead, before being invited to stroll a long and winding petal-strewn pathway to a surprising reception space. OMG had essentially built a fine dining restaurant and bar in the middle of a field.

Months were spent planning the logistics of the staging, styling and in particular – the lighting. In addition to candles, a canopy of festoons was created and row upon row of Manchurian pears, eucalypts and plane trees were uplit. Surprise fireworks even made an appearance during the couple’s first dance.


Who we chose to work with —
Event Planning, Styling, production & Management OMG Events
venue Private Polo Estate, Western Australia
fireworks Midwest Fireworks
Hire Hire Society
photography Courtney Illfield

WEDDINGS — Caitlin + Garrett