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OMG Events can make your wedding dreams a reality with the perfect wedding.

Lighting, audio, visuals, furniture, styling, logistics & catering… We’ve got it covered!

Jess’ Wedding Case Study

All photos by Natasja Kremers

Initial Enquiry

We received an email from the bride Jess asking whether OMG was willing travel to Yallingup to manage her wedding. We were excited by the prospect of a wedding down South, a change of scenery and a new challenge is always welcome.

We set up a meeting with Jess and her mother Suzanne to discuss what they had in mind for Jess and Leo’s wedding day.

Event Specifications

Jess and Leo’s wedding was set for Valentine’s Day 2015 (ahh how romantic!) They had planned to subtly incorporate the Valentine’s motif with a romantic aesthetic.

The wedding – for 180 guests- was to take place at Abbey Farm in Yallingup- a beautiful rural property.

Jess and Suzanne expressed that they wanted a formal dining marquee for dinner and speeches and an entirely separate area for dessert and dancing.

In addition to the wedding on Saturday, there would be a brunch the following day in the same location.

Event Planning and Logistics

For this event we had a total of 13 suppliers and 2 performers to coordinate. There was a very large team involved in making this wedding spectacular.

The logistical coordination was a little more complicated than usual as we were not able to visit the site as easily and regularly as a Perth venue.

Tony drove to the venue in Yallingup on four occasions during the planning stages to meet with the clients and local suppliers. These meetings were essential in order to get a feeling for Jess’ vision and determine the best way to bring that vision to life.

Access to the property was a concern, so Tony’s fourth visit to the property was to address this issue and determine a plan for large vehicle access.

Meetings were also held on regular intervals between the OMG Events team and Natural Art team in Perth to discuss new ideas and progress.


We worked with Natural Art Flowers and Zest Styling to achieve the aesthetic that Jess and Suzanne were envisioning.

As always, we requested some inspiration photos from Jess to get an idea of her style. Jess had some beautiful initial ideas, which set the tone for the styling brief.

Based on this mood board of images, we selected a classic white silked marquee with hoecker flooring for the dining marquee. The marquee was filled with rows of banquet style tables with white table cloths and silver tiffany chairs.

The marquee was styled with chandeliers, and an abundance of candles and flowers.

The week of the wedding

The set up for this wedding was a 6 day process.

On Monday and Tuesday scaffolding was built to level the floor for the marquee, then on Wednesday the marquee was built. It was Thursday when the event really began to kick in high gear. We worked with Ashton Admore to set-up the framework for the hanging installation. We then installed the chandeliers and other lighting in the marquee.

The next job was the feature lighting around the property. We used over 50 specialty lights to highlight the beautiful trees and lake on the property.

We then focused on power distribution. Admittedly power is not the most exciting part of any set up but it’s so crucial.

Two stages were built; one for the bride and groom at the ceremony and another for the secret guest performer (Darryl Braithwaite).

On Friday the details became the focus- the tables were positioned and set and the styling began. The teams from Natural Art and Zest worked hard and the styling began to take shape.

The dance floor, lighting, audio, bar and furniture was set up for the after dinner “party area”.

The OMG team worked late into the night focusing the lights to ensure the site would look beautiful as the night fell. Safety lights were put in place to ensure guests would be able to safely see where they were walking within the venue and as they were exiting.

The day of the wedding – February 14th

Flowers were set up, the ceremony chairs and aisle runner were put in place and all final touches were made.

Tony and the technical team stayed on site throughout the entire event to ensure everything went exactly as planned. From the ceremony, to speeches, to Daryl’s performance… everything had to be perfect.

The brunch- February 15th

The team worked late into the night and were back early the following morning to reset the venue for a brunch the following day. The “brunch” ended up becoming an all-day affair… Jess, Leo and their guests just didn’t want this wedding extravaganza to end.

The Feedback

“Tony and his team went far beyond our expectations; there was not a single thing we would have changed. Everything was perfect, and Tony made it so easy for us as he had absolutely every aspect covered. It truly was better than anything we could have ever imagined and we can’t thank everyone enough for all their hard work and amazing ideas. We really were blown away! “ – Jess (Bride).