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Special Moments

OMG Events can manage your event for any special moment, whether it be a birthday, an anniversary or even a 3 day food and wine festival like Gourmet Escape.

Gourmet Escape Smiths Beach 2012 Case Study : Initial Enquiry

Brand Events contacted Tony to assist in the creation of a unique experience within the Margaret River Food and Wine festival where guests could eat and drink local produce in a beautiful Margaret River location.

Specifications and requirements

The Gourmet Escape would run across 3 days and was to be held in tepees on Smiths Beach although a site had not been specified as yet. Tony was asked to coordinate the production of the event.

Logistics, styling, design and recommendations

The first step of the process involved choosing a site. This involved developing plans using a CAD to identify the power, lighting, audio and communication requirements so that a site which could meet these requirements could be chosen. Tony contacted Kate Dennis from Zest Styling to help create the “look” of the event. Tony then designed a lighting and sound plan with the help of specialised stylists to complement Kate’s ideas.


Being on the beach at night, health and safety requirements were particularly important and Tony had to make special consideration to ensure these requirements were met, for example considering well-lit entry and exit points for guests and staff. All care was taken to ensure that no adverse environmental impact would occur and with so many key stakeholders involved in the Margaret River food and wine festival this was not a simple task. Tony met not only with the Shire of Busselton but also with a risk management company working on the project and assisted in developing a complete event profile so the environmental impact could be evaluated.

1 week to go

With 1 week so go all schedules were finalised, including an event schedule containing contingency plan information should it rain/power failed etc, bump in and out schedules taking into account the additional time it would take to transfer equipment from the delivery vehicles onto the beach to ensure we allowed adequate time for completion and many more.  All final requirements were also confirmed such as ensuring we had beach access, security for equipment and complete power requirement information from all other suppliers to double check that the correct generators had been sourced.

Final preparations

Lighting and Safety checks were conducted the night before the event to ensure correct positioning and focusing of lighting.  Once all aspects were finalised the Busselton Shire and the Risk management company involved conducted the required electrical, structural, and health checks before signing the event off as safe to run.

The event

Throughout the course of the 3 days OMG ran all production elements of the event with the event organisers, this includes all audio, visual, lighting, power and safety aspects.  The event was open across the 3 days for both lunch and dinner, the smooth running of the event was vital to all those involved so OMG also offered support to other suppliers to ensure the smooth running of the overall event.